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Our Story

PlantDoc is the brainchild of Daphne. She started a plant shop to surround herself and others with the joy of botanicals!

Not satisfied with the plant moisture meters on the market, Daphne brainstormed a solution that was plastic-free, affordable, and simple. The eureka! moment came when she spotted her infant son's bath color-changing bath books.

The first PlantDoc was sold in 2022 and has undergone vigorous fine-tuning. New shapes are (finally) coming in July 2024! Follow our Instagram for giveaway contest news.

Our commitment to people, plants, and the planet

We simply want to make the best plant watering products! PlantDoc is easy to use, easy on the earth, and is rooted right here in Portland, OR, USA.

Simple color change

100% Compostable

Portland, Oregon

Meet the PlantDoc team

Daphne Peters

Wrangler of Plant Babies (and Owner)

Austin Peters

Trouble Shooter

Kelsey Dobrenz


Rachel Ellis

Social & web strategist