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How to use PlantDoc

Insert PlantDoc

Insert PlantDoc firmly into your houseplant's dry soil, white side facing out. Water your plant as usual.

Watch the color change

PlantDoc will turn from white to green when wet. PlantDoc will slowly return to green as the the soil dries. Check out our houseplant watering guide to customize your routine!

Water as needed

As PlantDoc returns white, water you houseplant according to its needs. Repeat these steps and watch your houseplant thrive! Compost when it starts to break down or bend then replace with a new one!

The Story of PlantDoc

Ever since arriving to the lush landscape of Portland, OR from the concrete jungle of New York City, our family has become true plant lovers, obsessed with having greenery in the home. In our journey to learn the nuances of watering care for houseplants, we discovered a need for an easy way to understand when to water an indoor plant.

Combined with our research thinking caps, and inspiration from our baby's color-change bath book (yes, the idea occurred to us while bathing our child!); we created our earth-friendly PlantDoc to help all plant parents alike to visually see when to water their houseplants.

Who is PlantDoc for?

PlantDoc is the perfect moisture indicator tool for anyone who wants an easy reminder for plant watering. It's a great fit for new plant parents and plant experts alike!

Just stick the PlantDoc into your plant's soil and let our smart tool do the rest.

The color change is also a great learning tool for educators, allowing for an intuitive and engaging display of plant water needs over time.

What makes PlantDoc special?

Unlike other moisture indicators, PlantDoc is:

  • So easy, a toddler can understand it!

  • Affordable, budget-friendly 5-packs last for months.

  • 100% Biodegradable, leaving o footprint on our beautiful planet.

  • A great gift for all of the plant-lovers in your life.
The only 100% biodegradable moisture meter!


How does PlantDoc work?

Just like your plants, PlantDoc absorbs water, changing from white to green in approximately 30 minutes.

PlantDoc measures the top 2” of your plant’s soil. It works best in pots less than 8” wide.

As the soil dries out, PlantDoc turns back to white from top to bottom; soil  colorful and is still wet  if you can see some green coloration at the base of the PlantDoc.

What is PlantDoc made of?

PlantDoc is the only 100% plastic-free houseplant moisture meter! Our patent-pending design is made of sturdy paper-based fiber with non-toxic inks and paint.

How many plants does one PlantDoc work for?

We recommend one PlantDoc per plant. PlantDocs should not be moved from their initial location because their stem softens after it has absorbed water.

How can I tell if my plant needs water?

How green PlantDoc is tells how dry your soil is!

For example, if PlantDoc is completely white, that means the soil is mostly dry. Click here to learn more!  

How long does PlantDoc last, and what happens next?

PlantDocs last about 2 months of use before the biodegrading process becomes noticeable, but will last longer in drier, rockier soil. PlantDoc still functions while biodegrading, it may just look a bit... biodegrady

PlantDoc will last longer if you avoid applying water directly onto PlantDoc. With proper care, PlantDoc lasts 3-6 months depending on frequency of watering and soil wetness.

After several months, PlantDoc may begin to pick up a tint from the soil or biodegrade, but it has lots of life left!

The right time to compost PlantDoc is when you can no longer see the color change effect after 30 minutes of watering.

PlantDoc doesn't need any special industrial composting to biodegrade. You can toss it right into your backyard!

Got a PlantDoc question?

We definitely want our customers to be happy and appreciate any feedback... because we are always working to improve our product and process for you!

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Customer Reviews

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Kennedy Grear

Great product my wife loved it


Gave this as a gift, so I can't speak to how this works, but the shipping was fast, the packaging was great, and the instructions seemed really helpful and straightforward. The recipient loved it, so that's all that matters :)

Nichole Clark

They didn't work. I don't know why

Shawn Anderson

My wife absolutely loved them!


Such a unique item, can�t wait to see how my plants do