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When it comes to college life, there are so many stories to be had. It can be a stressful experience with lots of pressure, yet can be super memorable. As a senior at college, I think that a comfortable living space can make or break the college experience!

That’s why my roommate and I spent lots of time "equipping” and decorating our dorm room. We decided from the beginning to build a small garden of houseplants. Throughout the years, we realized it was truly an effective way to help us thrive through stressful times in academics (and even life). Here are 4 reasons why we found house plants benefit college students!

Benefits of plants for college students: 

  1. A Friend from Home
  2. Healthy Routine
  3. Improving Sleep
  4. Air Purification
  5. Conclusion

Read on to see why!


A Friend from Home:

Being away from home can be stressful. So, you can bring houseplants from home to remind you of the family members or special people that your house often has. Making your dorm an inviting and warm space with indoor plants can help relieve homesickness.


Having a plant in your room is also like having a little “green friend” that connects with you during busy times in your own space. If you want, name them! And learn about their unique characteristics. It is like making new (but silent) friends.

Want to make friends that aren’t plants? Topics on what houseplants to buy or how to take care of them can be surprisingly a good conversation starter to make new friends at college. That was how my roommate and I became close friends.

Healthy Routine: 

Whether you have a green thumb or not, taking care of plants can create a new healthy routine that can boost your mood and reduce your stress. You can have a sense of time management and responsibility without heavy weight. 

Unlike schoolwork which can be overwhelming sometimes, watering plants can be manageable since there are so many moisture meters out there to help you. (We use PlantDoc). All you need to do is spray the water and enjoy your plant's growing journey. It will drive you away from the stress for a moment and boost your mood. From that, you can start fresh again and avoid burnout. A garden of plants in your room can also be a way to get connected to nature (or touch grass) even in the winter.


Improving Sleep: 

Plants also bring the benefit of sleep for college students. College is unfortunately a time irregular schedule, late-night study sessions, and potential sleep disturbances. Certain plants, such as lavender or jasmine, emit soothing scents promoting relaxation and improving sleep quality. By incorporating these sleep-supporting plants into your room, you can ensure the restorative sleep necessary for your academic performance and overall well-being.


Air Purification: 

Another way plants bring benefits for college students is that they can be good air purifiers. Through a process called phytoremediation,” houseplants remove certain pollutants and toxins from the air, giving you a fresh space. 

Indoor plants can also help balance the humidity which can be beneficial for your respiratory health and overall comfort. Different plant species have varying levels of air-purifying abilities, so it's helpful to choose plants that are known for their air-cleaning properties. My roommate and I chose a Peace Lily to be our “green purifier”. We put her near our bed and we really think she helps a lot!



The green oasis of indoor plants can serve as a nurturing and supportive companion that can help boost your mood, reduce stress, and improve sleep quality. There are various plant types that can suit you best. So choose your houseplants and build a little garden in your dorm room today! 

Check out more posts on Daphne’s Botanicals website for how to take care of your plants.

By Lunar Than and Rachel Ellis.

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